Hey there! I’m in Bandung this week and next week for our in-country training/orientation, and it’s so nice to have all 34 of us back together again. I spent last week in Pontianak, getting acclimated to my site, and I love it already.

I’m a little short on time, and I will do a longer blog post later this week. For now, I wanted to share a poem I wrote yesterday during orientation to try and express some of the feelings of (finally) being here. Enjoy.


My tongue fell out yesterday

A man with a megaphone

Climbed into my mouth

Shouted loudly without words


I lost my ears too

Eaten greedily as a snack

Blood coagulated on my cheek

My wounds pulsed tenderly


Someone stole my eyes

Coerced a trade for slick marbles

That slid out of my palm

Sullied by bare feet on the unswept floor


Then they came to take my face

Held it up to the light

Tried it on one by one

Stretched it eagerly over their own


I (surprised) did not wretch

But instead tore open my chest

Plunged elbow-deep inside myself

Weakly extended my heart in sanguine hand


They appraised it warily

Crouched to assess the underside

Spoke brusquely between them

Each waiting for another to reach first


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